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“coffee talk”

“I had the good fortune of hiring Danielle Wallinger of Studio D to design our custom home. Danielle was tasked to design every aspect of our home from interior architecture down to the smallest finishing touches. Her job commenced during early stages of construction and as such she was instrumental in creating a cohesive design of all living spaces that spoke to our specified aesthetic. Everything was collaborative, but because she took the time early on to understand our vision, she was able to greatly simplify the daunting process of selecting: tile; hardware; plumbing; paint color; wallpaper; lighting; furniture, etc. She made designing and decorating fun! Although I always felt that I had a good grasp of design and what I liked, working with a professional designer was an immeasurable asset. It is the difference between your home being run of the mill to something truly unique that’s tailored to your family’s specific likes and needs. There is no question that if I didn’t work with Danielle, my home would be nowhere near the incredible beauty it is today. I think it’s important to mention that most people naïve to the process think that working with a designer is too expensive or that they can just do it themselves and save the money. I can honestly say that working with the “right” designer, someone as talented, organized, and vigilant as Danielle Wallinger, is one of the smartest things you can do. In the end, you will save yourself money, head and heartache and have an end product that is extraordinary.”

Dina, client since 2010
Wilton, CT

“Danielle is hands down the most talented designer I know and have worked with….. that says a lot considering I’m in the real estate business and work with a lot of talented designers and architects. Danielle’s creativity and freshness are second to none-she is beyond inventive and is amazing at putting a new spin and energy into everything. The other aspect of Danielle I really loved and adored is that she really “got me”. She zeroed in on my style and made it better. Seriously she is beyond #amazeballs!”

Liz, client since 2015
Denver, CO

“I would highly recommend Danielle. Her personality is creative and personal. She is fantastic with unique ideas and has the education, knowledge and experience to turn those ideas on boards and paper into a completed project beyond expectation. It matters to her that you have YOUR home, not her home, plus, she’s just incredibly fun to work with.
Danielle worked on our home in Scottsdale, AZ, from the ground up, with our builder, a two-year project. As a testament to her skill, we moved in on the date we had planned and just a tad under budget, as I recall, and that really mattered to all of us. She never asked for a penny beyond the initial budget we all agreed to. She was my only contact with the interior design firm she was working with at the time and I considered her the master behind all the planning. Since we were moving from Oklahoma, we had to trust that Danielle would be on top of all the different areas finishing the interior of a home entails. She never missed a day and we were rarely in Scottsdale, everything was pretty perfect upon completion, she could not have done a better job. I can’t recommend Danielle without saying her level of commitment is unparalleled. She didn’t have time to set her wedding date until this project was finished!
From beginning to end, Danielle is the reason our visiting (and local!) friends always say we have the most amazing home they have ever seen.”

Carolyn, client since 2004
Scottsdale, AZ

“As a client and a high end real estate broker Danielle’s services have been key to my success. She transforms interiors with a new and creative style. She has many followers in Greenwich, Darien and New Canaan Ct. Her experience, professionalism and work ethic are outstanding. “

Karen, client since 2010
Darien, CT

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